The Resource Storage building determines how resources are sent to the Clan Stronghold and what currently are in store.

Level 1 have these stats:

  • Number of resources to be sent: 500k
  • The Stronghold contribution rate: 30% ("game tax")
  • Contribution convoy speed: 4%
  • Stronghold influence: +62M

Here you can also see the amounts of all rss stored and what rss are in progress to be transformed.

It is also possible to se a history of all rss sent to the Storage (list is at least several hundred lines long, dont know how long it is).


The transformation process is different from the rest of the game. Here the cost for transformation (in rss) raises with the how much shorter time you like to have but you also specify how much you like to get of the finished product and please beware that it is the same time regardless if you want to transform to 100 or 1000 of the finished product. You should try to transform as big batch as possible. If not carefull you are stuck with a minimum number and a transformation time of many weeks insted of a large number and the exact same amount of time needed to finish.

It is not possible to cancel a transformation when it have been started.


Here is 2 pictures. In the first one we see that to get 100 pcs of Plates we have to use 1M stone and the transformation time is over 4 weeks.

On the second picture we have set to get 299 Plates and also changed the time to about half the time. Not the cost in stone are almost as twice as high.


In the last picture we set it to the shortest time; 1 day but the cost have gone up dramatically to 1M stone per 1 (one) Plate.

Note the little line on the upper bar. This one marks how much you can afford with the current stock. If you do not have enough rss to start, the rss amount is shown with red digits.


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