There are five types of resources in the game :

  • Food, produced in Farms and used fo feed your troops as well as for upgrades;
  • Lumber, produced in Lumber Mills and used for your upgrades;
  • Iron, produced in Mines and used for your upgrades;
  • Stone, produced in Stone quarries and used for your upgrades;
  • Silver, produced in Manors and used for knowledge and crafting equipment;
  • Gold, earned in events or purchased at the bank, for speeding up tasks and buying items.

It is possible to farm these resources on so called Resource spots.

Your amount of resources at displayed at the top of the game's screen. In case of an attack, you can loose most of your resource except those that can be stored in the Vault.

Your town produces new resources up to the capacity of the Farms/Mines/Stone Quarries/Lumber Mills/Manors and stop producing them as soon as this limit is reached. The capacity of the Vault is NOT included in storage capacity.

Finding Items for building Equipment from Resource spots.

You can hit Resource points by level to get a chance of a higher level item type.

So hitting a level 6 point gives a chance of getting upto legendary items

level 5 maximum of Epic items

level 4 max of Rare items

level 3 max of unusual items

level 2 max of usual items

level 1 max of simple items

* note with a high enough critical chance and sustained attack it has been reported to give out higher then they should be but very rarely.

Common items

Cotton – Farmlands, Silver Altar

Debris – Lumberjack’s Shed, Silver Altar

Diamond – Iron Deposits, Silver Altar

Feather – Farmlands, Lumberjack’s shed

Glass – Hewers’ Camp, Silver Altar

Hide – Lumberjack’s shed, Silver Altar

Leather – Farmlands, Hewers’ Camp

Less Common items === (You'll need to collect a lot more to get one of these or go to a higher level resource point for a better chance for one)

Elixir – Farmlands

Granite – Hewers’ Camp

Lead – Iron Deposits

Rope – Farmlands

Steel – Iron Deposits