This page tries to keep track of occuring events, rewards etc. This is intended more as a working place to note things down and use as a base for updating the different "real" pages. Since I am not sure where we are compared to main schedule list, I start this with 11, because I then can keep it synced with the real dates.

For Events I'm not sure if there are a pattern, but it is possible. For Invaders I am quite sure there is no pattern. Some invaders come back often and some more seldom. And centurion have not been visiting for over a year!

Some historic dates can be found in The North Today.

MAY 2017:

Day 11

Global: Kingdoms Battle Revenge (KdR), 3d

Day 13

Personal -Troop Training, 2d. Clan - Destroying Enemies, 2d. (incomplete data)

Day 14

Clan - Resource yielding, 2d (incomplete data)

KdR reward period begins

Day 15 (may 15, 2017. Monday)

Personal - Task Completion, 2d. Personal - Influence Increasing, 2d.  Clan - Fighting Invaders, 2d

Troop Capacity +10%. Resource Yielding sped up +10%. Hero's energy depletion -10%

Day 16

Global - Clans Battle (CvC), 2d. Clan - Lust for power, 2d.

Troop training Cost in Gold -80%, Hero energy depletion -10%, Cost of Troop resurrection -80%

Day 17

Clan - Troop Training, 2d. Personal: Resource Yielding, 2d.