Shamans are characters that works similar to your Hero and give you special bonuses. Your shamans are located in the Hall of Mysteries and there are currently 8 of them available:

Each Shaman has a Shamans Skills tree, like the Hero, and some Shaman Bonuses that increases in stages.


The experience of your shaman is gained by attacking Ghosts, similar to your Hero attacking invaders, upgrading buildings, completing Tasks and completing Quests. You can also buy experience as Book of Mysteries in Item store or clan store.

The experience gained at any time is boosted by a factor determined by the level of the Hall of Mysteries building and there is also a Shaman's Experience booster that makes all added experience larger during a specific period.

Obtaining experience makes your shaman level up and for each level you get one Shaman Skills point. Max levels are 10 if your shaman is on the first stage, level 20 if the shaman is in second stage, 30 at third stage, 40 at fourth stage, 50 at fifth stage, and maxing at level 60 at the sixth stage.

When you reach the maximum available level on the current stage, the experience are displayed as "Maximum" and experience will stop accumulating until you unlock the next set of levels.


Each shaman has 6 stages, named "First stage", "Second stage" and so on. Each stage gives special bonuses in production/construction/,,, speed. For specific data for each shaman, see that shaman's page. It takes 1,545 charms to unlock all six stages for a Shaman.

When you have obtained enough charms to increase a stage (or more), a big yellow button appears at bottom of the Bonuses tab for that shaman. A yellow up-arrow is also displayed above the Hall of Mysteries.

You can increase your stage at anytime, there are no minimum requirements - Shaman Experience for example.

Shaman Power

Power is the equivalent to Hero Energy and is used up when attacking Ghosts. Each Shaman has their own base power level, and carries their power points individually.


Each Shaman has a specialised Shamans Knowledge tree with 256 knowledge stages to be activated. Baggi's strengths are primarily in construction and resource production and Inga's are in Knowledge and warrior training.  Ulf gives melee bonuses, Wendla boosts your Scouts, Stieg enhances your ranged troops, Einar supports the siege troops, Elsa supports the cavalry troops and Sibba supports the killer troops.

Swapping Shaman

You can swap freely between summoned Shaman as long as your current one is in your town. There is no penalty/cost for doing this, but they will only recharge their energy when they are active.