Stronghold boosts are used to speed up gaming processes realted to the Clan Stronghold are available in several sizes:

  • 1-Minute Stronghold Boost (2500 LP or 60 Gc) Note: 6 times more expensive than 1h in Loyalty points!
  • 15-Minute Stronghold Boost (10k LP or 630 Gc)
  • 60-Minute Stronghold Boost (25k LP or 1720 Gc)
  • 3-Hour Stronghold Boost (75k LP) or 3400 Gc) Note: Same cost/time as the 60m in Loyalty points!
  • 8-Hour Stronghold Boost (6600 Gc)
  • 15-Hour Stronghold Boost (10.7k Gc)
  • 24-Hour Stronghold Boost (16k Gc)
  • 3-Day Stronghold Boost (44k Gc)
  • 7-Day Stronghold Boost (100k Gc)

These can be bought for Loyalty Points in the Clan Store or Gold coins in the Item Store (under Boosts).

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